When a tooth has suffered extensive decay, wear, cracks, staining or other forms of damage, a simple filling will not do. To restore proper functioning and esthetics to such a tooth, Dr. Ben Cannon and Dr. Gaylan Brown may recommend a dental crown, which is a full coverage “cap” designed to cover and protect the remaining tooth structure. Dental crowns are permanent restorations that are custom made to blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

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Trust CEREC® Technology for Amazing Dental Crowns

You may have one or more teeth that are discolored, decayed, cracked or uneven. To fix this problem permanently, turn to CEREC® same-day crowns at East Hills Dental Center in Dickson, TN. Dental crowns allow you to keep your natural teeth, while improving their function and appearance. You will feel amazing when you see how incredible you look thanks to advanced CEREC® technology!

Are You Living Without a Tooth?

The majority of Americans will lose at least one tooth by the time they are middle aged. If you are one of them, please consider filling in the gap. A missing tooth that is not replaced can be a health hazard, leading to problems with the teeth, bone and gums surrounding the area, such as:

  • Shifting teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Bite misalignment
  • Bone loss
  • Unnatural gum ridge contours

At our Dickson, TN dental office, we work with patients who want to replace their missing teeth quickly and without surgical intervention through a dental bridge. Set up your consultation with our team today by reaching out to us at (615) 446-4644.

A Dental Bridge Can Update Your Smile

A dental bridge is a prosthetic appliance designed to replace a missing tooth or consecutively missing teeth. Dental bridges are customized depending upon how many teeth you have lost, and consist of two or more crown units fused together for a natural appearance. The ends of the dental bridge serve as anchor points and fit snugly over the natural teeth on each side of the open space, while the center portion spans the area of the missing tooth or teeth.

At East Hills Dental Center, we use our advanced CEREC® machine to make precision same-day dental bridges. CEREC® technology utilizes 3D software to create a ceramic model based on the shape of your mouth and the look of your teeth. We will then place this dental bridge over your existing teeth, permanently bonding it in place. The result is a natural-looking prosthetic that blends in beautifully with the rest of your grin.

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