How Changes in Dental Technology Have Revolutionized Dentistry

If you look around your home or office, you cannot help but notice how changes in technology and progress have revolutionized the way you live. From reliance on mobile devices to the high-tech aspects of our cars, our world has changed. So has dentistry.

When you walk into our office, you will notice that we have embraced modern methods everywhere we can without compromising the one-to-one relationships formed with patients. Our philosophy is that you should be able to still get personalized customer service, but that all the processes should be enhanced by the most contemporary, safe, efficient procedures and equipment.

Same-Day Crowns Made While You Wait

Years ago, patients had to wait weeks for dental crowns to be created. Now, thanks to our CEREC® machine, we can make same-day dental crowns in about an hour. The CEREC® process uses specialized software that takes detailed imaging information about your mouth, and then crafts a tooth-colored and shaped restoration. The material used is non-metal, and holds fast when correctly bonded to natural tooth structure. There has never been a faster or easier way to get a tooth crown when you need it in a fraction of the time you might expect!

Digital X-Rays

Why expose yourself to more radiation than necessary? We can get terrific images using our digital x-ray machine, which is better for the environment and your health.

Intraoral Camera

Remember when your dentist used to use only his or her eyes to spot problems? Intraoral cameras give us much deeper insight into what is occurring in hard to reach areas of your mouth. We can even show you what we are seeing by projecting the images onto a monitor.


This topical numbing gel works quickly to desensitize soft tissues. It also wears off very rapidly. If you find needles uncomfortable, you will appreciate the power and reliability of Oraqix®!

GALILEOS® Cone Beam from Sirona

This device helps us gain a clearer 3D image of your mouth, which is essential when we are performing surgeries such as dental implant placement. With high resolution and intuitive technology, the GALILEOS® from Sirona is incredibly reliable. The better guidance we have, the better the results.

DEKA Smart CO2 Laser

This laser is gentle on the gums and advances through tissues cleanly without causing the trauma associated with metal instruments. Patients tell us how surprised they are at the speed and comfort of the DEKA Smart CO2 laser.

At East Hills Dental Center, We Provide the Best Quality Care While Ensuring Patient Comfort.

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