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New Denture Technology Leads to Better Function and Appearance

Are you one of the many people who is edentulous (without teeth) in one or both of your arches? You may already have traditional dentures, but are probably discovering that they can be frustrating. Implant dentures are customized appliances that are held in place using denture implants and a support system. These titanium implants are surgically embedded under the gums, and are then allowed to heal for several months. When the denture implants are fully integrated with your jaw bone, we will attach a support system, such as a metal bar or ball-and-socket mechanism, to the posts. A personalized denture appliance is created specifically for your mouth, and that denture appliance clicks into place and is held fast by the supportive device. Not only is your denture appliance anchored, but it will not come undone until you want to remove it.

Why Implant Dentures Look So Real

One of the biggest surprises for patients of our dental office in Dickson, TN who opt for implant dentures is how real the appliances look. This is due to an incredible level of personalization and focus on fit, as well as function. These types of dentures are created to have a realistic gum line that matches your natural coloring. You will be amazed when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time after receiving your implant supported dentures!


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